Best of Scott Alumni Awards for charitable work “above and beyond.”

Tim Price – created and continually strives with the Luke Mueller Foundation to raise thousands of dollars to assistant those fighting cancer.

Adam Collinsworth – thorough the Collinsworth Foundation drives  fundraising to provide relief to those confronting spinal cord injuries.

Best of Scott Teacher Inductees for Service “Above and Beyond”

Al Rust -Student Council, AD, Volleyball, Softball, Chess, Future Teachers, SS Dept. Chair, strong relationships

Tom Orcutt, “S” Club, Baseball Coach, SS Dept. Chair, formed strong relationships with students and athletes

Todd Moody – Reformed and reorganized Scott’s Band and Music Program, formed strong relationships with students

Linda Pennington-steered Science Dept.  Mentored/ coached Chemistry for all including other teachers in state, formed life long mentorships with alumni.


2013 Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Banquet Pictures

Hall of Fame Inductees

The following individuals will be inducted into Scott’s Athletic Hall of Fame for 2013.
As coaches, Melissa Bolte Lameier and Pat Dailey Flores. As Founders, Steve and Mary Sievereld.
For the men, Zach Niehaus, Ryne Smith, Russell Poland, and Rick Middendorf. For the women, Kortni Dukes Danks, Jerrica Maddox Harris, Jesse Thomas, and Jillian Sturgeon. Congratulations to all those who were chosen. We look forward to having you inducted on Saturday, November 16th, at Devannas On The Lake. More information is available under this “Hall of Fame” tab along with ticket information for sending checks or paying with a credit card.

2000-2010 Athletes in the Hall

Andy Seitz ’00                Jessica Biedenbender ’00      Jesse Thomas ’01

Craig Collinsworth ’00           Jason Daviaux’01          Zach Niehaus ’02

Ann Isaacs ’01                        Lauren Crook ’03              Russell Poland ’03

Elley Fisk ’00                         Ben Lye ’02                          Kortni Dukes Danks ’06

Amanda Matricia ’01           Chris Thompson ’01            Ryne Smith ’06

Jason Vadney ’03                 Jennifer Verville ’02           Jillian Sturgeon ’08

Leigh Ann Meyers ’04         Chris Seitz ’04                     Jerrica Maddox Harris ’08

Renee Smith ’04                     Jessica Wendeln ’04.       Jennifer Wilson ’02


90’s Athletes in the Hall

Kyle Beasmore ’91                                                  Roy Hall ’95

Jamie West ’91                                                         Shannon Berger ’94

Chris Haynes ’92                                                    Jason Bracke ’91

Jeff Smith ’90                                                          Travis Thompson ’94

Rob Johnson ’92                                     Tony Stewart ’06    

Clint Bell ’98                                              Ryan Mullins ’98

Jesse Jett 96′                                            Amy Burk ’95

Dana Cox ’93                                           Karrie Parrett ’90

Susan Bornhorn ’92                              Tina Scherder ’93

Kelly Ryan ’93                                       Carrie Epping ’94

Deana Norman ’97                        Steve Veeneman ’97

Missy Burk ’93                               Courtney Barwell ’95

Matt Bryant ’99                             Bessie Black ’98

Adam Collinsworth ’96               Andrea Poppel ’97

Dylan Bell ’99                                 Julie Muegel ’94

Jared Combs ’97                      Danielle Zimmerman ’98 

Beth Lye ’99                                Neil Preston ’99

Pat Seitz ’98                                 Danielle Gill ’91

Anna Ryan ’99                            Erin Chilelli ’97

Stephanie Kreimborg ’99        Heather Lueke ’99

Michelle Sweeney ’93                Erhen Reagor ’99

Doug Ryan ’97                             Cindy Stephens ’95

CR Fields ’98                                 Anthony Matricia ’99

Amy Bachman ’90

80’s Athletes in the Hall

Doug Peddicord ’80                              Todd Bagby ’81 Rick Middendorf ’82

Rhonda Klette ’82                         John Shouse ’82                         Ken Chard ’86

Tim Vaughn ’87                             Doug Pelfrey ’87                       Lissa Wood ’83

Kelly James ’80                               Pat Curtis ’88                    Cindy Schuler ’83

Kris True ’84                                     Jon Campbell ’88              Kelly Artz ’84

Jeff Knauf ’83                                    Robb Smith ’89                 Kim Chaney ’84

Fred Cornett ’84                     Scott Smith ’89                    Jennifer Andrews ’89

David Meier ’85                     Bruce McCormick ’82          Debbie Budde ’87

Bob Stall ’88                       Denise Layton ’80            Carissa Bradley ’85             

Gay Dailey ’80                   Jan Smith ’82     

Amy Verst ’86                        Sharon Bowman ’81

Nikki Hacker ’87                          Tracy Fulcher ’89

Linda Blackburn ’86                    Bob Black ’84

David Flood ’81                             Tim Kramer ’83

Jennifer Seifert ’80                  Sabrina Setters ’88

Kevin Bright ’82                        Maria Reynolds 83′

Nick Titus ’87                             Jerry Berling ’87

Greg Papajohn ’86                   Paula Wyatt ’87

Pat Piper ’82                              Bill Cornett ’82

Inducted Founders

The following individuals are recognized for their outstanding dedication and service to Scott High School.

Rod Bagby                                Joe Bishop

Bob Barnhorn                         Barb Barnhorn

Andy Christofield                  Betty Clements

Mary Margaret Kindel          Robert Konerman

Ted Krallman                            Joyce Layton

Rich McGraw                             Virginia Schaaf

Bill Schunder                              Joan Schunder

Kathy Shepherd                        Bill Sherrard

Mike Spenlau                              Lois Spenlau

Robert Storer                             Nancy Bishop

Tom Wilson                                  Becky Melching

Jim Wood                                      Carol Wood

Paul Barth                                      Don Blackburn

Steve and Mary Siereveld

Inducted Coaches

The following coaches have been inducted for outstanding achievement in athletics.

Bill Dean                           Linda Moore

Tom Orcutt                          Al Rust

David Webb                         Carl Wenderoth

Dave Madding                     Jeff Trame

Pat Flores.                             Melissa Bolte Lameier

Current Nominees for the Hall

Paul Brophy All conference and state qualifier for 2 years in Track, 3 year starter in Football
Joe Bishop good swimmer-state qualifer
Steve Dailey Baseball All NKAC- scholarship at Coastal Carolina to play Baseball
Mike Clendenen Football/Wrestling/good honors
Steve Knauf Wrestling was Regional Champion, State 3rd, 1st NKAC, plus football awards
Heather Hoxby Strong Tennis and diving
Rob McCarter Football/Baseball Awards
Mary Dormacher Volleyball-vb full scholarship- Western KY
David Wolfe Football All-Star, Baseball, and Basketball
Tim Buemi Wrestling and Football 4th in state in wrestling. Wrestled for 4 years.
Terry Armstrong Regional Champ-CC/ Track
Melissa Landwehr State qualifier in Cross Country and Track
Eddie Setters Footballl,Basketball Awards
Mark Kirby BK-Regional Tournament MVP, BA – Won regional tournament with HR
Alex Logsdon Good Swimmer-Scholarship to Union College- Two Regional Champioships
Shane Streine good football and wrestling awards
Leo Dolan Strong swmming honors
Angie Geraci BB/Ten-strong tennis-injury ruined her senior year
Kate Black Srong Cross Coutry/Soccer/Track
Brian Huff Basketball all district, region,1000 point club
Doug Luckhardt Soccer, CC, Track. State qualifier in CC and Track
Lee Krallman Football Linebacker-Defensive awards
Kara Welsch Fastpitch Softball all region-1st Team
Kurt Fischer Swimmer, State and Regional finalist, Soccer awards
Nick Black Soccer awards/Track awards
Darren Farrar baseball awards- dist, regional-Named regional player of the year
J.R Hall Soccer- 1st Team All State, Wrestling
Andy Powers Football passing awards
Carrie Thompson Soccer-All District, All Region, All State
Shawn McComas 5th in state wrestling.
Larry McGraw basketball awards-district/regional/ran cc
Lauren Klingenberg Numerous soccer awards-scholarship to Wilmington College, played 3 years, blew her knee.
Dustin Hudgens Swimmer, Scott most valuable-Swam at Transy-on state runnersup swim team
Beth Geraci Tennis, Basketball All District, Basketball All Conference
David Hyden 3rd in State and regional champion – Wrestling
Jennifer Baxter Multiple swimming awards, team high point award/swam at Union
CT Watkins State Runnerup And Regional Champion – Wrestling
Matt Byrley Football and Wrestling, played small college football
Chris Barwell All Region, All State Soccer player (basketball, soccer) college soccer
Ryan Carskadon on Team Champions in Track/CC- ran at NKU- became graduate assistant
Elizabeth Quatman Basketball and Volleyball All Region-played at Kenyon
Joe Kuhne All – State in Football, Football scholarship to Eastern, Played Basketball
Brian Chilelli Soccer-All Region Soccer
Dan Heidrich Baseball-multiple baseball awards
Jim Kreinest Regional Player of the Year in Baseball
David Luckhardt Soccer- All Region Soccer Player
Jon Vadney Swimmer-Regional Champion
Megan Jackson BB, FPSoftball pitcher, Scott leader for strikeouts, ERA. Pitched No hitter
Erin Cooper VB, BB, scholarship to play Volleyball at Kenyon
Vanessa Halter Runner-CC on State Champ Team and ran at EKU
Craig Barwell District/Regional Socccer player
Brian Alden All Region Swimmer/Most Valuable swimmer/baseball
Mike Bell All Region Wrestler/Football MVP
Matt Webster All Region Football- full Scholarship to UC
Bryan Stevenson Baseball-All Region, All Conference 2 yrs. Played @ EKU 1st team all OVC, BKB-All Conf, All Dist. Tour 2 Years
Justin Morris 1000 pt. Club for basketball
Jerry Biebenbender Regional Champ HJ, CC, Ran at NKU
Jake Hallegan Golf scholarship to St. Leo
Shawn Dedden All-Star football, EKU MVP Football
Josh Lueke Texas Rangers AA baseball-
Ian Johnstone Soccer, baseball, Track honnor, Ran at Transylvania and then UK
Michael Hicks CC/Track, Basketball, Regional Champ 2 mile
Will Birmingham Soccer and Track
Michelle Heckman Soccer and track ( soccer scholarship to NKU)
Tim Sievers Reg. & State Runnerup in swimming, 4 yrs in state meet, played soccer, Mr. Eagle in class, swam for St. Louis U.
Derek Leistner Football in college, played basketball and baseball
JP Feigherty Cross County, on regional championship xc team
Curt Liska Wrestling, state runner up
Caleb Dobson state runner up in pole vault
Kevin Kubiak soccer, 1st team state, 1st team region, Enquirer Player of the Year, 13 games consecutive with a goal or assist.
Tim Augsback Soccer. CC
Nate Moses soccer, 1st team region, 2nd team state, Enquirer All Star
Ryan Schulte Soccer, swimming, 4 time state qualifier
Kyle Howard Baskeball – +1000 points, 800 rebounds, awards, plus played golf.
Darko Desancio Boys Soccer, 2nd team state, 2nd team region, Enquirer team
Eric Gile Honorable mention state, 2nd team region
Kevin Murphy Soccer, 1st team state, 1st team region, Enquirer All star, played at U of the Cumberlands
Alex Krallman All Region CC, All Region Soccer
Kaitlyn O’Conner VB scholarship/ academics at Bellarmine.
Brad Hemmerle soccer, 1st team state, 1st team region, Enquirer team, played at NKU
Nate Sharp Basketball, 1000 pt or close
Ryan(James) Kelly 1st team all NKY Football
Kiki Brown Basketball scholarship
Curtis Spencer football, track multiple state qualifications, school record holder in the 200
Alex Spata Swimming, 6 time state qualifier, school record holder, full ride evansville
Rebecca Baker SB full scholarship, MVP state champ team