David Rust ’89 to Bellevue

David Rust ’89, former principal of Ludlow Middle School and R.A. Jones Middle School,  received his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Kentucky and has accepted the role as Director of Academic Services for the Bellevue School System.  He joins Robb Smith ’89 who was selected as Superintendent.  No doubt these gentlemen will have great success improving the schools in Bellevue.  


  1. Eric K. McArtor says

    Good luck to both Rob and David. I know them both and know they will succeed in their new journey.

  2. Anita Creamer says

    Congratulations on your career change to the Bellevue Schools. Just heard the news from a realtor. Disappointed I won’t be seeing you at RAJ whenever I get to sub again but I wish you.great success in your new position.

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