History of the Scott Athletic Hall of Fame

Scott High School has one of the most highly developed Hall of Fame Cermonies in our region.  It exists as a result of the School’s desire to remember the contributions of those individuals who have made Scott Athletics so exciting.

The program was founded in 1999 as a collaboration between Scott Athletics, Athletes Reaching Out, Scott Basebell, and the Scott High School Alumni Association.  As an awards ceremony and fundraiser, it is hosted by a different Scott Athletic Program each year.

Election Procedures

Athletes are selected from a nomination list  developed by Scott coaches and provided  to Athletic Director of Scott.  They must have graduated from Scott 5 years prior to being considered.  A vote is conducted among the high school coaches committee.  The Hall of Fame Coaches are chosen by the Athletic Department.

The process for choosing Hall of Fame Founders is similar.  They are nominated five years after their service to Scott.  The committee that votes for Founder and Coaches is composed of previously selected Founders and Coaches and the current principal of Scott.

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