Inducted Founders

The following individuals are recognized for their outstanding dedication and service to Scott High School.

Rod Bagby                                Joe Bishop

Bob Barnhorn                         Barb Barnhorn

Andy Christofield                  Betty Clements

Mary Margaret Kindel          Robert Konerman

Ted Krallman                            Joyce Layton

Rich McGraw                             Virginia Schaaf

Bill Schunder                              Joan Schunder

Kathy Shepherd                        Bill Sherrard

Mike Spenlau                              Lois Spenlau

Robert Storer                             Nancy Bishop

Tom Wilson                                  Becky Melching

Jim Wood                                      Carol Wood

Paul Barth                                      Don Blackburn

Steve and Mary Siereveld


  1. Jamie Lawless says

    How about George Gartner III. He was like a second father and mentor to many of us in his years at Scott. He would do anything to help out a student of his in need.

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