Class of 2000

Angela Balderidge ’00 Marries

Angela Balderidge, Class of 2000, married  Justin Cornelison on October 14,  2017.  They were married and had the reception at her parents farm.  Because they have a new baby, they aren’t really honeymooing.  No doubt there will be trips later.  They decided to combine their two last names to produce a new one.  So they are now the Balcor family.


TJ Phillips ’00 Marries

TJ and Michelle were married on Saturday, June 23rd 2012 at their home church (Landmark Baptist) in Evendale, OH. The reception was at Receptions – Fairfield in Fairfield, OH. They did a short honeymoon in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada with hopes of doing a longer honeymoon later. Unfortuntely, their residence was robbed in their absence. We wish them nothing but the best.

White-Thomas Wedding

Lauren White married Jordan Thomas at a beautiful wedding on June 11.  The couple won a free wedding as the prize for a contest sponsored by the Cincinnati Art Museum and Channel 5 television.  The couple would like to thank all their friends who voted online for them.

Class of 2000 Photos

Class of 2000 Photos