Alumni’s House Damaged by Fire

SHS Grad Emily Bunch needs our help! 

Her home was severely damaged by a suspicious fire at her neighbor’s home in Latonia on Wednesday, November 26th. The heat was so great fire quickly spread to one side of her house as well as the roof. The CFD did a fabulous job saving the structure, however damage from the water and smoke has left the entire family without most of there belongings and unable to live at the house. She, her husband and two small boys have been staying with friends and family. She invited me in to tour the damage and my heart broke as I looked around at collapsed ceilings, black walls and scorched Christmas decorations and children’s toys.

I was hoping to reach out to as many organizations as I can to see if we can do something for them. I have been overwhelmed by people wanting to donate items, but I thought it would also be nice to raise money with the hopes of buying a gift card for more furniture or clothes… Any ideas are much appreciated. This is a wonderful family that deserves to have a great Christmas. All the best…  Click the house image below to see the fire damage and what you can do to help her and her family.


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