Welcome Class of 1982


  1. villavickie says

    Hi, anyone out there from class of 1982? I am learning how to use this site. Vickie Haddix

    • Hi Vickie…..

      This is Tara James and I am trying to learn how to use this site too!!!

      Any help, ideas etc would be appreciated!!!

      Or just keep in touch……would love to reconnect with some of my fellow alum!!

      What’s new?

      • Administrator says

        I don’t know how often Vickie uses the site but I check in every few days. It’s great to hear from you 🙂 If you’re having trouble registering, go to the forum, follow the steps (it’s not all that simple), and then log in. The complicated process evidently provides much better security for our users but it’s a pain 😀 This site is good because I update it with whatever I can find out about alumni. Take care of yourself. Stay warm and dry. Al the Bizarre. lol

        • Oh Al the Bizarre!

          It is great to hear from you…….I will tell you I have managed to register and actually have a login and password. From there I have no idea what to do next?!? I was very glad to stumble upon this site and it’s been fun reading up on what has been happening!

          Okay, so if I registered….what’s next Oh Mighty Bizarre One??????

          Hope things are good with you! Take Care!!

          • Hi, I am here, I tried for a while then didn’t get back to it. I will look for you on Facebook too.

  2. Administrator says

    You can get tons of info here but the social dialogue with 80’s friends is mostly on Facebook. If you ever decide to go that route too, friend me. In the meantime, I hope you’re still crazy but staying warm and dry.

  3. Administrator says

    As for next, consider coming to our November event. It should be great fun. I’m being roasted which I didn’t expect but it should be worth it just to see everybody:)

  4. Hi Vickie!

    Good to hear you are still out there!!

    Will not find me on Facebook…..NOT my cup of tea!!

    Hey, are you planning on attending the “Roast”????

    • I will definitely be there. I am helping plan the roast so any fun ideas, comments, or stories are welcome.

    • Ok I just tried to post something and it said I already said that but I don’t see it posted, so I am confused again. I will definitely be at the Roast Alumni event.

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